The very first workshop TECH TALK 2020

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The very first workshop of the TECH TALK 2020 has officially kicked off with the GENERAL UNDERSTANDING presentation of the Magento platform.

Ivy Phan (Project Manager at SECOMM) is the speaker of that general talk. Beginning with a brief introduction, Magento truly drew the whole team to a lively discussion. This Q&A time lasted throughout the host performance for over 3 hours of Saturday morning then became eventually interesting, with questions from both dev and non-dev members.

The first workshop of TECH TALK 2020, in other words, had the great sharing time making the team connect closely. Thus, Secommers not only have time together but also got new Magento knowledge. Thanks to the framework of Ms. Ivy, the team had opportunity sharing those foundation topics:

  • Magento platform in brief
  • Store hierarchy and configuration scope allow users to install multiple websites with multiple stores and store views.
  • Introduce basic configurations in practice with the content menu and email setting.
Techtalk 2020

Ms. Ivy begins with providing a general knowledge of the Magento platform

Techtalk 2020

The Q&A time has effective sharing vibe

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SECOMM workshop - TECH TALK 2020

The very first workshop TECH TALK 2020