Trentham Estate Winery

Trentham Estate Winery has been operating since 1988, where it has grown from the initial 30 tonne crush to a minimal but state-of-the-art facility handling up to 5,000 tonnes of premium fruit each vintage. It allows the flexibility to perform different winemaking styles, resulting in the diverse and always consistent Trentham Estate wines.

Trentham had their website based on WordPress, however in order to grow the business, the management board decided to rebuild their website. Secomm BWD joined in and shared their vision.

Key Features

  • Stunning design to show off Trentham Estate brand
  • Unique Wine Club membership management
  • Efficient subscription ordering and processing
  • Tokenization payment to automatically charge customers on recurring order plans.
  • Flexible product package setup
  • Unique business processes applied for winery industry

Our Solutions

  • Magento Community 1.9
  • Digital Ocean infrastructure managed by Secomm BWD
  • Redis Cache engine to maintain availability with high performance
  • Stripe payment gateway integration to handle tokenization recurring payments

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