Persona System

Persona GLOBAL® is a people performance development management consultancy that publishes and distributes culturally adapted, customizable workshops, assessments, computerized simulations, and board games targeted to improve cooperation, communication, leadership, employee engagement & more.

With content available in up to 38 languages, programs developed in 10 countries, 11 strategically located branded offices, and thousands of certified local facilitators, Persona GLOBAL® enables companies and individuals to achieve personal & business goals around the world. Talk to us — explore opportunities.

For adapting the new strategy and growing up too fast of business, Persona GLOBAL was not able to use current system with very old technologies. They came and delight to have Secomm assistant to rebuilt CRM, Website and Mobile App base on newest technologies professionally. We are proud to have long term relationship to support their system now and the future.

Our Goals

 For publishing and distributing workshops, surveys and performance improvement process. They need to have perfect solution for their big system, there are a lot of different parts and different applications need to be worked consistently, smoothly together. Persona has a large consumers, different types from Organizations, manager level to staff level. So big project as Partner Management system needs to be able to manage big user databases and make sure good performance on best concurrency situation.

Architecture OverView

Interesting Features We Implemented

  • Self-perception Survey :Participants’ perception of their own communication style.
  • Respondent Survey: Participants receive feedback about how a peer or colleague perceive their Style, Empathy and Flexibility.
  • Gameplan Case Study: Role playing on how the participant communicates with a “real life” difficult person.

Engineering Challenges and Wins

  • Subscription Purchase Feature: Giving Persona’s Partner the opportunity to pay his subscription with many ways to purchase and easy to manage from backend side.
  • SOA Architecture implementing: We have to define the flexible system where administrator will be able to disable or enable any service, feature what he wants.
  • Data flowing works between systems consistently: Data should be transferred between systems concurrently and smoothly, that is important requirement from client. Secomm has provided the very best and professional solution what is really consistent with this.

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