Laybyland & Shopzero

It’s important for businesses to stay ahead of the changes happening in their industry. Laybyland came to Secomm BWD with ambition to lead the retail market with layby payment method, which provides customers a better approach of shopping with financial planning.

Key Features

  1. Catalog of growing number of products quickly
  2. Two different sites in one instance in order to server 2 different customer groups
  3. Integration with ERP
  4. Integration with various payment gateways to provide flexibility to customers with their payment plans
  5. Flexible and maintainable payment plans that can be altered by both Laybyland administrators and customers
  6. A fully monitored system that can notify relevant people if issues occur unexpectedly

Engineering Challenges

  • Hybrid of real-time and scheduled synchronizations between web system and the chosen payment gateways
  • Multiple system integration between ERP, web system, and payment gateways
  • High traffic is expected, especially when promotion campaigns are active
  • Simple design and UX, but need to be responsive to various devices. Easy for customers to manage their payment plans
  • Different payment methods enabled on different sites

Our Solutions

  • Magento Enterprise 1.14
  • Solr Search Engine & Solr Bridge.
  • AWS as infrastructure, which is managed by our partner Dr. StrangeLove (yeah, you read it right)
  • Redis FPC engine to keep the site at the best performance 99.99% of time (hmm, we don’t want to lie – 0.01% is when an issue happens, but we knocked them down pretty quickly, guaranteed)
  • Agile development methodology to maintain the continuous development process when more features have been added to the system since the beginning.
  • Fully developed modules to integrate Magento platform with payment gateway systems & Laybyland’s ERP.
  • Debit Success recurring payment system integration
  • Afterpay & ZipPay integration
  • Magento RWD theme based to ensure the responsiveness with simplified implementation.

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