Game Plan

This is part of big system for Persona Global partner. They gave us this requirement to develop the added value features by mobile application integrate with their services. That why Gameplan is extra application and a part of very big picture of Persona.

All participants can acquire access to Persona’s expert system Gameplanning Software on the iPhone or Android phone to meet future communication challenges.

This cutting edge technology help users:

  • Reach greater retention and proficient use of acquired skills.
  • Take notes, share information/listener profiles with managers and colleagues.
  • Include specific benefits their clients are listening for.

The app provides business support and reinforcement; it enables delegates to “Prep” themselves just before an important interaction with anyone they need to persuade, influence or motivate.

Architecture OverView

Engineering Challenges and Wins

  • Subscription Purchase Feature: Giving Persona’s Partner the opportunity to pay his subscription with many ways to purchase and easy to manage from backend side.
  • Offline Model : This is a solution use a button to sync data between client and server. There are 2 kind of sync, the first one is first time sync data when new mobile app installed, and the second one is sync data during using the app. The biggest problem of sync data need to resolve is how to know data changes need to be updated instead of compare all data between client and server database. The solutions is we need to identify the mobile devices, to know what they need to feed and what should be changed. Below is workflow of first time application installed and run for sync data:

Below is workflow of next time run application need to sync changed data:

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